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I would like to book you for my wedding but you have only one wedding gallery online. Why's that?

I started late and then paused for a while. I started in 2013 when a good friend of mine asked me if I would like to join him and photograph a wedding which he was filming. Why not? Here is the very first wedding I photographed -Gallery link- . I liked the process and decided to go further, but slowly, my main income doesn’t come from photography. In 2014 the second wedding was booked but I'm not sure if I like to share this(personal preference). In 2014, me and my family decided to move to USA with my job and then almost all my photography projects went from slow to "Pause", the focus was shifted. Meanwhile I was booked for a couple of orthodox baptism photos and you can see the galleries here -Baptism Photography Gallery-. As simple this answer could be, it’s complicated. But now I'm ready and confident in my powers that I can deliver great photos for your wedding. Fell free to navigate trough my website and see all of my work. I also share some photos I like on 500px or Instagram.

What's your wedding photography style?

I use more of journalistic photography style trying to capture and document the moment, the event atmosphere, the fun and joy of you and your family. I will be discreet, I will act like one of your guests not trying to make your wedding like a photography show. This gives more value in time to a photo, one pose could not be in trend over the years and your photos will be out of style.

Now the next question will be if you will get any posed pictures from your wedding. Yes! And please add this to your wedding schedule, a 30 to 45 minutes photo session and make sure everyone you want to be in your photos are present at the time of the shooting. I can also take pictures of the bride/groom preparation in the day of the event.

I can edit the photos in 2 ways, based on your preference. One could be in a pure way, natural colors or, if you prefer, I can use a warm "film look".

How many digital files will I receive?

This depends on the length of the wedding. It could be 100 or 500.

Who owns the copyrights of the photos?

Always the photographer. But you will receive a commercial license to use the photos as you wish.

How fast can you deliver the photos?

Most full time photographers deliver their photos in 4-6 weeks after the wedding. Considering the fact that I'm not a full time photographer, meaning I have a day-by-day job and a family I still can keep up with this deadline.

Do you offer albums?

Yes! And I encourage you to buy a photo album. I use a professional lab to print the albums and they offer high quality prints.

What's your pricing and payment structure?

The price depends on the services you request. I don't like to offer fixed packages and you are free to choose from the services I offer. The prices start from $800 for a 4-5 hours wedding and includes the shooting on a 50 miles radius of Indianapolis and digital files to download. Extra services such as digital files on USB or DVD, slideshows, prints, photo albums, second photographer, traveling and special permits will increase the starting price. Please contact me for further details. A deposit of 30% is needed at the time of booking and agreement signing. Another 30% shall be paid at the end of the event. The balance can be closed when all photos are delivered.

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