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Marius Peter - Indianapolis, IN photographer

Hello. I’m Marius Peter.

Yes, last name Peter. Where I come from Peter is a last name except if you are any other nationality. I was born and raised in Romania and at the age of 34 I pursued my career in environmental engineering and consulting and moved with my family in the USA. These days I live with my wife and two daughters in Indiana.

My passion for photography started really early, my father had a film camera that I broke. So, I learned how it works. Like most of us do, I started photography with my kids around the house, on family trips and even in professional studio. Because Romania is a very beautiful country I have photographed mountains and valleys, cities and villages, people and animals, flowers and insects. Then I moved further into commercial work and I photographed products, weddings and family or corporate events. On my website you can see the work I did and I consider worth being shared. I developed my photography and editing skills by myself following the industry world class instructors.

I’m not a niche photographer. My main income doesn’t come from photography and I won’t stop doing it if it’s not going to be a paid job. I enjoy doing it and it’s my passion. This gives me the freedom to photograph, edit and share what I like. And I do this in a very serious manner. I use good quality cameras and lenses, I use professional equipment and software to edit my photos and I calibrate my monitor for color accuracy. I never missed a deadline to deliver a photo to a client or even friend and I never had any complaints regarding the quality or the cost of my work.

Families can book me for a family photo session. Or just kids, I have a couple of them at home, I know when, how and where to photograph them.

Couples can book me for an engagement, wedding or just a couple photo session. I enjoy to photograph weddings and family events and I approach a photojournalistic style to cover the story.

Small business can book me to build a portfolio album. This means a photo session on the business premises. It ends up with a crafty album meant to promote the business. The album can be displayed in the office lobby or at tradeshows.

Companies/advertising agencies can book me to photograph products. I admit that I’m not very attracted to photograph jewelry, but, if I have to, I can do it.

I’m available in Indianapolis area but I can travel as well if required. Feel free to contact me either by email, phone, social media and even in person, I’m human. We can also have lunch to discuss your project.

Thanks for stopping by! Marius

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